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Fahrrad fahren Mosel
Fahrradwege Mosel

Cycling over Hill and Dale

The Mosel valley offers excellent conditions for cycle tours of all kinds. Those who care to cycle at a leisurely pace alongside the river and discover picturesque little wine villages, perhaps stopping to enjoy a glass of wine and some food, can do so on the hundreds of kilometers of developed cycle paths. Others may prefer to take a detour through the Hunsr├╝ck and Eifel hills and can do so either on their own power or with the aid of E-Bikes. Public buses offer cyclists transportation several times a day to the local Mosel towns or out to the Vulkan Eifel. On the Maare-Mosel Cycle Route you can cycle for hours along the old railway lines, over viaducts and through tunnels downwards to the Mosel - fun for the whole family.

Insider tips for biking at the Mosel